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Title GS Group to Double Investment to 2 Trillion Won in 2006
Name Standardmold
Date Time/Hit 2006-01-13 21:36:00 / 1240
The GS Group till be taking an aggressive management stance in 2006 by boosting its investment in energy and other sectors.

The recently renamed conglomerate announced Thursday that it would increase investment by 122% this year to 2 trillion won, with particular emphasis on such core business areas as energy, distribution, and construction.

A detailed breakdown of the GS Group’s investment plan in 2006 is as follows: 1.2 trillion won will go into the energy sector, including the construction of GS EPS’s second power plant; 500 billion won will be invested into store space renewals for GS Retail and the distribution network for GS Home Shopping; and 300 billion won will be allotted to GS Engineering & Construction’s projects in Vietnam, as well as to funding for social overhead capital (SOC).

In terms of sales revenue, the group has set its target at 30 trillion won, up by 9% from last year’s 27.5 trillion, in consideration of international oil prices and other variables.

/Reported by Park Chan-heung, ch7850@fnnews.com
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