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Title Introduction to Korean Food(Royal Cuisine I )
Name Standardmold
Date Time/Hit 2006-11-16 12:13:00 / 1357
The style and system of royal dishes developed very elaborately, and the representative royal foods such as sinseollo (fancy hot pot) and gujeolpan (nine-sectioned dish) were served in an austere manner. Well-trained court ladies prepared them from the best quality agricultural produce and seafood that had been presented to the king from all corners of the country. Royal court foods were not much different from those of outside the court because they influenced each other because of intermarriage between the two societies. The main difference was that royal dishes were less salty or spicy.

Sinseollo (casserole dish, vegetables, meat, and sea foods in a chafing dish)
Sinseollo is also called yeolgujatang. During the Yeonsangun era of the Joseon dynasty, a government official named Jeong Hui-ryang was sent into exile to Ui-ju. When he came back, he went into the deep mountain to become a monk out of the fear of more severe purge of scholars. In the mountain, he made a brazier and cooked assorted vegetables with it. After he died, the brazier that he invented was called sinseollo. The container and the food are called same name.

Beef shank, beef brisket, and radish are boiled together, sliced, seasoned, and placed on the bottom of sinseollo mold. Then, slices of raw beef are placed. Upon the raw beef slices, pan-fried fish, pan-fried liver, pan-fried manyplies, watercress seasoned with vinegar, shiitake mushroom, carrot, and pan-fried egg strips are placed. For garnishes, walnuts, gingko nuts, pine nuts, and meatballs are put on the top. Then beef broth is poured onto them. The container is heated with charcoal fire under the container. The dish is eaten while being heated on the table.
* Shrimp is rich in physiologically active substances such as betaine and taurine. Also, it is a nutritious food rich in protein and calcium.
Beef shank and brisket 150g, beef stomach 150g, radish 200g, carrot 100g, beef round 150g, tofu 50g, white-meat fish (for pan-fried) 50g, tripe 50g, liver 100g, watercress 50g, 4 eggs, 5 manna licen mushrooms, 3 shiitake mushrooms, 1 red pepper, 3 walnuts, 12 gingkos, pine nuts 1 tsp, buckwheat flour 2 Tbsp, sesame powder 1 tsp, salts, black pepper, clear soy sauce, oil, flour

Meatball seasonings: salts 1 tsp, chopped green onions 2 tsp, chopped garlic 1 tsp, sesame oil 1 tsp, black pepper

Soup seasonings: clear soy sauce 2 tsp, chopped green onions 4 tsp, sesame oil 2 tsp, black pepper
1) Wash the shank and brisket lumps with cool water. Boil until meats are tender. Take out the meat, cut into thin pieces, and season. Dip the stomach in boilng water briefly. Scratch the black films off and trim. Put it back into water and boil. While boiling, put the whole radish and carrots. Take them out when half cooked. Cool down the stock. Skim the fat to make jang-guk.
2) Mince the beef round. Season a portion of the minced beef with beef seasonings. Combine another portion with crushed tofu, and season with meatball seasonings. Make 1.2cm-size meatballs. Coat with flour and egg water, and pan-fry.
3) Cut the white fish meat into thin slices to make pan-fried fish. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Rub the tripe with salt one by one. Wash it, make incisions, and sprinkle black peppers. Coat with flour and egg, and pan-fry. Cut the liver into thin slices. Rub with salt to remove blood, wash, take out the water dry cloth. Coat with the mixture of buckwheat flour and sesame flour, and pan-fry.
4) Trim and skewer the watercress. Coated with flour and egg water, and pan-fry.
5) Separate eggs into yolks and whites and mix with salts. Make yellow egg strips with yolks. Make white egg strips with half of the strips. Mix another half of whits with minced manna lichen mushrooms to make black-colored egg strips. (One egg is used for coating, the other three are for strips)
6) Moisten the shiitake mushrooms (prepare big ones).
7) Soak the walnuts in hot water, and skin with toothpicks. Roast gingkos, skin by rubbing with paper on them. Trim the pine nuts are trimmed.
8) Remove the seeds from the red pepper, cut into even length.
9) Cut the egg strips, pan-fried watercress, pan-fried food, shiitake, and carrots into diamond shape. (The length of the ingredient would be the size of the width of the mold, and the width would be approximately 3cm.)
10) Cut the beef shank, brisket, and radish into thin slices, and season with soup seasonings. Place them at the bottom of sinseollo mold. Place the seasoned beef, and then the diamond-shaped ingredients by matching colors. Arrange the walnuts, gingkos, pine nuts, and meatballs for toppings.
11) Season the beef stock with clear soy sauce and salt. Prepare it warm before pouring. Serve with a charcoal fire on the firepot in the middle of the container.

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