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Title Parties denounce China's distortion of ancient history
Name Standardmold
Date Time/Hit 2006-09-06 10:17:00 / 1260
The governing and opposition parties on Tuesday (Sept. 5) strongly criticized Beijing's attempt to distort the past history between Korea and China.

The reaction came after China has recently published a series of books and articles as part of its "Northeastern Project," claiming that the ancient history of Korea was originated from the mainland China, according to reports.

It has argued the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.- 668 A.D.) and Balhae Kingdom (698-926) were part of the ancient Chinese history.

"Beijing's continuing distortion of history will no longer be tolerable," said Rep. Woo Sang-ho, spokesman of the governing Uri Party. "China has seriously harmed the identity of South Koreans."

Woo called on the South Korean government to take stern diplomatic measures to prevent any further similar distortion of history by China.

He reminded that the Chinese government promised not to repeat the historical distortion any more through a verbal agreement in August 2004.

"It seems the cooperative relationship between the two countries will face a big stumbling block unless China stops following Japan's wrong practice of distorting history," he added.

Na Kyung-won, spokesman of the opposition Grand National Party, urged China to stop causing a conflict with its neighbor by distorting history.

Kim Jae-doo, spokesman of the minor opposition Democratic Party (DP), also denounced Beijing's move as a malicious attempt to steal Korea's 5,000-year history and the nation's pride.
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